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"DID YOU SAY you're training with SAGE?"


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Hyde Park Gym

4125 Guadalupe St

Austin ,TX 78751




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About Me

Hi, my name is Sage Westfall, An ISSA Certified Strength Training Coach from North Carolina to Mexico where I spent time an athlete & even picked up fluency in Spanish. I've been training myself for over a decade & during covid I picked up Yoga to add to my arsenal of fitness . This took my passion for health & genuine wellness to the next level. Join me in becoming stronger in a healthy fashion to allow more space for self love & confidence. I am aware most gyms come with intimidation for new lifters, as it did for me initially. Now I find myself confident to provide knowledge, laughs & a safe welcoming space for my clients to obtain their goals while enjoying the journey.

Cheers, Sage W.






From my time working with Sage, I've noticed growth in just over 6 months and continuing steadily as we follow along with a fairly relaxed and flexible routine. I've never felt belittled or undermined working in the gym with him and as someone who's been self-conscious about their body and weight, it helps to have someone so positive to help keep you motivated!

Working with Sage has probably been the best investment into my physical and mental health that I have ever made. I can’t recommend him enough, he pushes me to my limits in a way that has me looking forward to every session that we have! Sage inspires me to work harder every day, and brings light, laughter, and a general aura of badassery every time we work out. If you are looking to get stronger and healthier.

I’ve been training with Sage for about a month and have noticed better results in that month than in the past four years solo. I can tell he definitely cares about my personal improvement and he puts the time into creating customized routines that fit my own goals but aren’t overwhelming at the same time.

Hyde Park Gym

Hyde Park Gym

4125 Guadalupe street

Austin, TX 78751     336-491-9298

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